Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Kid

This was something I had in a note on my phone a while ago. Hahah. I just thought it should be in here :)
I was at the YMCA on one of the weight machines...

June 21, 2010
3:07 PM

Okay some RANDOM ass kid first waved at me as he was walking by I had no idea who he was so I didn't wave back (maybe he was waving at someone through the glass behind me?)
I let it go. But as he was walking out of the little office the walked in, he came over to me and FIST BUMPED. He said hi and I was like "...hi?" Then he left. Who the braided mo-fo was, I have no idea but I don't think I want to see him again...

LMAO. Good stuff. I have a feeling I met him at this Y Teen Leaders outing I went on. We went to a Red Sox game. Maybe he was the kid I was sitting next to? LOL. Oh well, I'll never know.

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