Thursday, July 15, 2010


I do what I must to survive,
to live.
I guard my heart with an iron cast
because maybe, just maybe
absence of emotion
is better.
This void permits no thrills
or runs of sudden, ecstatic happiness.
But there aren't any
heart-wrenching depressions either.
There are no letdowns.
For if I have nothing to hope for
I won't be disappointed
not to get it.
So when you see me next
I will be ready.
I will be armored.
Emotions will be contained.
They have to be for me to move on.
Maybe, just maybe
this void will grant me peace.
the sad part is:
fembots have feelings too.
So when everyone disappears
and I'm left to my own devices,
that's when the metal melts away
and the core is exposed.
Emotions are let loose
and the fembot cries.

What no one ever told ya, was you can cry when you get older...

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