Friday, June 29, 2012

Heel Heaven!

Yesterday I went to the mall with my mom and, since she had previously said that I needed new heels to model in, she bought some for me! WOOOOOO!
We went to Nordstrom first. I was shocked they even had my size to be honest (because I wear size... large), but the woman who helped us was so nice. She brought out like five pairs for me to try. I found two that weren't wedges that I liked (wedges are considered "cheating" in YMS). One pair was blue suede, maybe 5 inches, and fierceee priced at $100.
Nice, right? The other pair was a sort of greeny-beige-tan color, around 3 inches, priced at $80. We asked the woman to hold the heels for us then left to try another store. My mom told me to check out Nine West so I went in and much to my surprise the saleswoman said they had my size in just about every heel in the store, all I had to do was pick one out. I was elated, like a kid in a candy store. The heels were sooooo cute! Plus they were having a buy one, get one half off sale. And most of the heels were already 60% off. Heel heaven, that's the only way I can describe it.

My mom would only pay for 2 pairs so I went with these.
The second pair, I found out later, also comes in a caramel/gold color (shown below).
Too cute! Agh!
I did, however, find this one other really nice pair that I will definitely have to go back for. When I put it on I was just mesmerized by how cute it looked on my foot lol.
These come in orange, blue, black, and tan (which is what I would've gotten).
I mean, who cares if these heels make me almost a foot taller than I already am? They're gorgeous!
Oh, and I was "window shopping" online yet again and I found another website with cute clothes and accessories: Chicnova. They have that pleated maxi skirt I keep raving about, but they have it in other colors too like blue and red and ... my personal favorite, orange.
One day, when I get this maxi in black I'll wear it with my new heels and a white blouse with silver jewelry... Sigh, fashion fantasies. ♥

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I need a new wardrobe.

I found this website with a bunch of cute, awesome clothes but of course I won't be able to get anything from them.. not yet anyway. :( I would love to dress in flowy, twirly skirts and loose, lacy button up shirts and everything else cute from Then again I see a lot of that stuff on LOOKBOOK... Fashion that I will never get to wear. Sigh.

Two things that I would love to get are a pleated maxi skirt and a starfish necklace.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes

Job hunting went well today. We walked for what seemed like an eternity and it rained on and off but I got my resume in the hands of a few different managers. Also I tried a vegetarian burrito from Qdoba and... it was so good I think it may have been better than anything I've had at Chipotle - and I love Chipotle! It had sauteed vegetables like zucchini and peppers; so good.. sigh. :)
Afterwards I got on the train later to find my dad waiting for the bus at Forest Hills too! What a coincidink! I went to the store to buy ingredients for my mom's gift (and some macaroni to make for my lunch tomorrow).

I made a batch of rainbow cupcakes topped with lemon meringue buttercream icing and rainbow sprinkles for my mom since I never actually got her a birthday gift. They turned out great! And the icing adds just the right flavor, mmmm. I'm very pleased with my accomplishments today...

Hi feet!

I tried to make it look fancy haha.


This is one of the things I love to do :)

Youth Modeling Society is like my second family. ♥

Monday, June 25, 2012

In other news...

I've been going vegetarian on and off these past few weeks but starting this week I hope to be back on track. I started the day off with a lovely fruit salad. Hopefully I'll stick to it this time. Do it for the animals, Christina! Do it for the Earth!

Also, umm... this weather? Sucks. It's blistering hot one day then it's raining cats and dogs the next. Sometimes I can't stand Boston weather..

Well, I'm going job hunting with my good friend Tiffany tomorrow. Wish us luck! And let's hope I wake up on time too haha.

My Mom is 50 years old.

And still beautiful as ever. Happy birthday! :)
We had a cookout birthday party for her on Saturday. It was supposed to be on Sunday but when my dad saw a chance of rain in the forecast he moved the date up. Unfortunately the weather was worse that day haha. There was thunder and lots of rain. But as the bad weather cleared, more people came. Then the fun started. My brother was the bar tender and my aunt taught me how to play Kings, a drinking game played with cards. I love her haha. I tried a long island iced tea and a pina colada for the first time and I must say they aren't the tastiest drinks in the world. I guess anything that has alcohol in it takes some getting used to. Whatever. I'm not that big a fan of drinking anyway.

A lovely sigh to wake up to...
A patch of light in the midst of all those dark clouds.
We were trapped under tents in the rains haha.
Sunny skies, at last!
The birthday girl's lovely bouquet, which I arranged.
The grill.
Don't judge. I wanted to take pics of stuff around the yard but the camera on my phone has bad quality..
Blowing out her candles.
The cake, shaped like a throw pillow.
The alcohol the morning after. Near-empty bottles...
The next day, Sunday, I had that fashion show to perform in. That was loads of fun too.We took the train all dressed up and got lots of attention haha. When we got to Chinatown we learned that the performances were 2 hours behind so we went to go eat...

LMAO. I love this picture.
I had salt and pepper pork (looooooove it!). Come show time, we killed it. We were much better than that other modeling group that went before us. They just did straight walkthrough. The clothes modeled them, we modeled the clothes. I got back home to find that we were having yet another party for my mom (did I mention that her birthday wasn't until today?). So I ate more food, played Uno and spoons with my cousins, and later fell asleep exhausted. Weekend well spent.

YOLO! (inside joke lol.)

Saturday, June 23, 2012


I've been going out with YMS (my second family) a lot lately. On Thursday we had a picnic event which only about 5 people went to, but that's okay - there was more food for the rest of us haha. It was fun. We ate at a friend's apartment rooftop and the view of Boston from there was absolutely gorgeous. It only got more beautiful as night fell too!
Anyway, it was really nice of him to offer his home to us like that. Too bad the next day when we went to go see Brave, he couldn't go with us. By the time he go to the theater the tickets were already sold out. Still, Brave was a really good movie. Very cute. It got me a little misty eyed actually - but no worries, it's a Disney movie so you know it ends happily.
Since we didn't want to end the evening so early on a Friday we went out to a 24 hour restaurant where we ate breakfast. Overall, I had a pleasant past couple of days. Except for the fact that Honey Bee left for some place across the country on the west coast and I won't see or talk to her for a month. :(

The Boston skyline at sunset. (I actually had to put two pictures together for this one, can you guess where the pictures meet?)
Boston at night.
One of three wind chimes in my friend's apartment. Pretty peacocks!!
And he has turtles! AHH! <3
My buddies from YMS haha.
A chair from that restaurant we went to. Actually, it was called Victoria's... what a coincidink... :)


I think we all just need to take a second to go to our happy places, wherever those may be, and just breathe.

 Relax and breathe.

All is not lost. You are not broken. Things can change. Have hope.
It's not over.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


They can't even get my damn classes right. What the fuck are my parents paying for? Grumblesweargrumblegrumble...

Welcome Summer!

 Funny how on the first day of summer the weather suddenly spikes up to 100 or so degrees, huh?

I hate it.

It's too hot to go outside or even do anything! That's why I went to the beach yesterday instead haha.
I biked with my friend Lexy all the way to Malibu Beach, then Carson Beach, the Boston Public Library in Copley, and finally back home in like 5 hours. I played on some swings, laid on the beach, desperately tried to fly a kite to cross off my bucket list - to no avail (I stupidly assembled it the wrong way), and returned a "lost" book to the library saving me $26 on my bill. It was a very fun, active day in my opinion. We biked an average of 20 miles (without helmets - yes, we're rebels). And we even saw a few friends along the way :) By the last leg of the trip our asses were sore and we were sweaty and tired, but we felt very accomplished in the end - we didn't give up and just take the train or bus back home. Plus we got a great workout from it!
It may still be uncomfortable sitting down and my legs may be a bit tired but it was a day well spent.

Today on the other hand, was disgusting. I had an interview with the manager of a bakery/restaurant I applied to at the worst possible time of day: noon. I was sweating in my professional wear mere minutes after stepping outside. Luckily by the time I got there the manager was still talking to another interviewee so I got the chance to cool down near the A.C. I don't feel too confident about how it went. I hesitated when answering some questions and I have no professional experience whatsoever, but he said I have a good chance of getting a job working at the counter. I just have to do a second interview with the head baker. If I'm lucky and if he sees some potential in me, he may even teach me a few things in the back in the actual bakery. I really hope so...

Sigh, it was so nerve-wracking today. I don't know if I can do that again.. with the person who actually might be able to take me in and teach me a few things about the bakery business. And if I don't get the job I'll have to keep looking...

I'm sweating already. Then again that may just be because it's still 87 degrees here.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Morning Parade - Headlights

James Jean

I was looking at Audrey Kawasaki's art blog one day and she mentioned another artist James Jean. I looked him up and oh my goodness, I'm so glad I did. His work is crazy! I'm in complete awe. See for yourself...

 Ink on paper, 2012.
Lily Aldridge
Oil on wood panel, 2012.

Big Five
Oil on two canvases, 2011.
Graphite & digital, 2011.
Acrylic on wood panel, 2011.
Wave II
Acrylic on paper, 2009.
Beauty Kill
Digital, 2011.
Acrylic, oil, & pastel on linen, 2008.
Mixed media on paper, 2008.
All works by James Jean.
And not only does he do graphite, ink, acrylic, oil, pastel, and media, but he also designs jewelry and figurines and other objects like that. He has some bound work and just the way they're put together is amazing. One book, XOXO, is just full of postcards and I'd love to get that.

A collage of pictures of some of Jean's bound works including: Rebus, Kindling, RIFT, XOXO, Process Recess (Volumes I, II, and III).
From left to right: Weep (a set of three rings designed to weep over the adjacent fingers; cast in sterling silver with three diamonds available in either light or black rhodium - $675.00) and Gravity followed by its closeup (a crescent opens beneath the collar bone, issuing forth a cascade of liquid accented by six diamonds; cast in sterling silver available in either light or black rhodium - $2,000.00).
The jewelry is gorgeous also, but of course it's really expensive haha. There's no way I'd get any one of those. But I'm okay with just admiring the work.
James Jean. Genius.