Sunday, September 23, 2012

Big Bang - Bad Boy (This time with a music video! :D)

smexiness :)

I would. For you.

I would be there to wipe your tears if you were crying.
I would skip my classes to be by your side if you needed me to.
I would hurt those who hurt you.
I would cut if it would make you stop.
I would use all my money and effort to get someone like Brian Puspos to spend a day with you just to see you smile.
I would make one hundred friendship bracelets in hopes of keeping our friendship.
I would make one thousand more paper cranes to give you give luck.
I would stay up late to bake you goodies all the time.
I would go out of my way to be at every single one of your volleyball games and cheer you on.
I would kidnap you and take you to Sixflags or some carnival to show you a good time.
I would go out to a restaurant or a movie or the mall or something with you if you had no one else to go with.
I would get permanent ink etched into my skin spelling out "jifly" in honor of you.
I would text you everyday (and call every once in a while) to see how you were doing.
I would do all these things and more for you.
It may sound a little creepy and maybe even borderline obsessive, but I would.
You are by far one of the most brilliant, caring, inspiring people I've met in my life. Even more than my former best friend. I wish that I could make you see that. I wish I could wipe away all your problems, all your doubts, all your loneliness. I can't. But maybe this will show you that you aren't alone. There will always be at least one person thinking about you. You aren't just some speck of dirt on the face of life, you mean something incredibly large to someone somewhere. Keep that in mind.

Maybe the next time I come to town to visit, we'll get to see each other and catch up like we were supposed to. And hopefully I'll have your bracelet done by then too haha.

 Let's take some more stupid pictures at the Apple Store sometime soon, okay?
(This is from like 3 years ago. How crazy is that?!)

Be well, Twinn.
And don't forget to smile - you're beautiful.

Why am I so awkward?!

Why is it that I can't form a platonic relationship with a guy? I always end up viewing any sort of interaction a guy has with me as something more than it is - often times, as him flirting with me in unsubtle way. I imagine guys as having an ulterior sexual motive with me, even when I know nothing will ever happen between us. Is it because most of the times a guy has ever approached me it's to hit on me (almost always delivered by a creepy older, middle-aged man)? Is it because I have no idea what actual flirting looks like? Or do I harbor some other hidden fear/doubts about men? What is WRONG with me? Why can't I have a normal conversation with my male RA without having to hold myself back due to concerns about leading him on? It's not because I think I'm the hottest piece of woman on earth, not at all! It's something else that I just can't put my finger on.

I'm always holding my true emotions back... Sigh.

Friday, September 21, 2012


I'm back home in my bed. And I sort of wish that I weren't. I mean, it's nice to see my family and to relax for a bit, but there's a reason why I'm only staying for a day. I can't deal with them all again. Plus, at least I got food to eat at school! I came back and there was nothing to eat -_-
On the bright side, I got three more of the books I ordered. One of which is The Book Thief. I'm excited about that one.

Oh, and apparently my dad switched up my room like the day after I moved out so it looks odd. But I still have all my stuff so it's okay. I did have to move my cranes though. They were being blocked by the dresser. I like them in their new spot though. There's lots of light to showcase my hard work :)


I cannot comprehend how my roommate is still up right now. I left the room quiet as a mouse, she was sleeping. Then I come back to find her lying there watching TV.
I cannot comprehend how she can only fall asleep with the TV on. What the fuck is that? It doesn't make any sense. And even if she does have the remote right next to her she doesn't turn it off before she goes to sleep (I think I wrote about this before).
This past week it hasn't been too bad but when I come back to find this I'm just.. stupefied. I should just talk to her. I should just ask her to turn it off before she sleeps because I can't sleep with it on, especially since I wake up and end up having to turn it off. I should say that, right? It's a lot harder than these written words though :\
I can do it! If I can step out of my shell a bit, I can talk to the person I'm supposed to sharing a room with......... right? Right. Then why do I still feel so nervous about it?

I don't want to come off as mean. I'm very careful about the impressions I make on other people. I play it off like I don't care, but deep down, I do. We all do.
Sigh, roommate problems.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Stay Strong.

I got bored while doing homework and doodled this guy.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Honey Pot Hill Orchard

This weekend, though the majority of my friends went home this weekend, two of my closest friends (Chels and Vicki) stayed and we all  went apple picking together. It was second time I've went in my life, pretty fun.

Then later that night I had a bit to drink and I watched Remember the Titans and met like 3 new guys. Fun times. Now it's homework time -_-

OH! And I bought tickets to go see Timeflies with Vicki next Thursday at the House of Blues. Fuck yea! My first concert. Eventhough the seats are like wayyyy in the back, it's gonna be a great Thursday night. Listennnnn!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Order Arrived!

I'm so excited. The stuff I ordered from finally arrived! I still have two more books arriving but just owning a physical copy of my second favorite book (Lucas by: Kevin Brooks) and a CD I've been wanting for a long time (Gotye - Making Mirrors) is satisfying enough. Sigh, stick me in a room with a comfy couch, a warm blanket, and all my favorite music and books and I'll be content for a good while :)

Oh! And of course it was nice to see my brother this morning too! He came by to drop off my package and we had breakfast together and caught up. It started my day off well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I promised pictures of my room. And I threw in a couple pictures of what I look like today today too. Enjoy!
P.S. Do you like my new posters? lol

1. Hi!
2. As side view to show you that my hair really isn't as crazy as it seems in the first picture.
3. A classic Christina.
4. My face looks weird, I don't know what I was trying to accomplish with that one...
5. Look at all my books! I got a new one, The Little Prince. I'm excited about it :)
6. My desk.
7. My desk "cubicle". With pictures of my dear ones and stuff.
8. My window...
9. My bed.
10. My bed again. The lights above it are multicolored.
11. My closet, TV, and stuff.
And in case you missed them, my new posters are of:
12. attractive men, a collage I made myself ;)
13. and that picture I posted a while ago. It makes me smile.

That's all you get to see tonight. Bye! I gotta read some more :\

Saturday, September 8, 2012

First "Week" Finished

I believe I'm starting off this year pretty well. I'm taking Psych 101, Macroeconomics 101, The American Short Story, and Bio 160 (again). Psych seems fun. The professor is really nice and laid back. Bio, though it seems pretty straightforward (all you really have to do is memorize everything you read and be able to translate what you professors had taught onto tests), I have a hard time studying. All throughout high school I never actually sat down and forced myself to study and memorize something (other than the suffixes for Latin, which I forgot a few minutes after taking the test for it) so I never improved my habits for stuff like this. This year I've gotten a head start on things though. After the first class where I ended up scribbling down half a page of notes margined by a doodle of a monkey, I went over to the Academic Center on campus and asked for some help. I got a tutor, who hopefully can help me with my note taking and studying skills. And if that doesn't do the job, I can always meet with an actual Biology tutor too. I started this week on the ball. By Friday I had gotten an extra 2 hours to kill in the morning due to an absent professor, been dismissed from another class early due to the heat, accomplished taking good notes for Bio, and been dismissed from that English class early. I had made an appointment to meet up and make a schedule for my new job at the Staples here and had also gotten a fat paycheck from the Staples in Boston so I was feeling amazing. I went to the mall with my friends. I treated myself :) It was fun. I got that poster I wanted and a few other treats. Oh, and I saw this at Newbury Comics.
I shall call it Domo Bee.
I came back and finished making that collage poster of Attractive Men - it looks soooooo good on my wall *droollll* ANd now my room feels really homey. It's nice (I'll post up pics later). Now I just have to keep reading and stay on top of my homework to keep this ball rolling. There's so much to read and I've spent the past hour or so cleaning my room and organizing my stuff. I swear, that should be my profession. Cleaning, organizing, and decorating are my specialties. I need a job where I can just do that. It would make my life so much more simple, sigh. Instead I have to read a brick-book about Biology and shove all the print in my brain. Wish me luck. (I'm thinking about switching my major.... and schools.)

On the bright side, I've make quite a few new friends. For some reason this year I've been a lot more sociable. In fact, I'm better friends with my hallmates across the hall than I am my roommate. That's sad. Going to the mall was supposed to be a bonding thing for us but she went off with her best friend from high school instead. She really needs to branch out and make new friends because if she doesn't now, as my new friend said, it'll be a lot harder later. I wonder if that's how I was when I first came here. Was I as quiet? I know I stayed in my room a lot. My roommate is almost never in the room. And when I do come in and find her here, she's sleeping. It's bad. I need to have a talk with her about the TV too. She leaves it on and falls asleep to it. At first I didn't mind, but now I find myself waking up in the middle of the night to turn it off. It's sorta getting on my nerves. It's like always on. She could at least use the remote to turn it off when she's about to fall asleep, right? But no, she leaves it on -_-
I'm trying to make the best of this situation because compared to other people, she's really nice and isn't dirty or anything. It's just the little things that are getting to me, smh.

Hopefully it gets better and I don't fall behind in my work.. I hope everyone else out there is doing well too! :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Life Lesson

Apple Streudel Muffins

I made them early on the 5th for my friends at school. I should've spent that time packing instead though... It took like 5 straight hours to get all my stuff together... Warning: NEVER wait last minute for that stuff. *Phew*

Last Thursday... Day

This is really late but these are the pics from last Thursday when I spent the day with my sistahhh Lexy :)
I woke up early and went to my high school to visit Cwong and checkout the new people for volleyball tryouts. They were so badddd. But I guess I should be more lenient, I definitely wasn't very good when I first started... Anyway it was nice to see everybody again. They're all so grown up! *tear* I still can't believe I'm turning 20 in a few months! I'm getting so old! And of course it was great to serve some volleyballs...
Then after walking/jogging all the way home I made pancakes with Lexy and we rode bikes over to Jamaicaway. It was fun :)
Waiting at the bus stop for the bus that never came...
My bike in front of the pretty pond.
My beautiful blueberry pancake!
Our brunch before heading out.
And look how well my flowers grew! Too bad they finally bloomed towards the end of Summer; I wonder how long before they wilt...

I will post pictures of my dorm room up soon!