Sunday, July 3, 2011

Eff it.

After an amazing time at the beach with some of my friends, I'm shocked to find that my mood can can so easily be altered by Malcolm's return from his vacation in Mexico. Right now I'm frustrated, upset, and just plain done with everything. I don't know why, but he can anger me sooooo easily. My parents and other matters aren't helping either, sigh.

However upon logging into Facebook I saw that my friend liked one of my notes, a poem I found online about best friends. Reading over it made me smile. Thinking about it later made me frown.

Best Friend
A poem by Medhia

Someone I can talk to
Someone I can trust.
Someone who will be there
When my relationships rust.

Someone who will save me,
When everything goes wrong.
Someone who will comfort me
And help me to be strong.

Someone who listens
At any time of day.
Someone who will brighten
Any sky that’s gray.

Someone who will always
Want to be my friend.
Someone who will fight for me,
Until the bitter end.

Someone who will cry with me
Whenever I am sad.
Someone who will laugh with me
Whenever I am glad.

Someone who will understand
My every weird emotion.
Someone who will always be
At my side with their devotion.

Someone who will always think
Of me before themselves.
Someone who will care for me
And put their own worries onto shelves.

Someone who will always let
Me act like the true me.
Someone who will always be
Just like I want to be

Someone who will always remain
Incredibly beautiful and true-
Someone who is my best friend.
Someone just like you.

Sweet, right?
I thought so.

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