Thursday, October 6, 2011

I skipped today mothafuckkaaazzzzz!!! Lmao.

Last night I came back from the game and I was just completely exhausted. I couldn't do like any of my work and I decided that I was gonna skip today. Well I did it! I woke up earlier, went to take my Precalc test first period, came back and fell asleep. I didn't have a chance to really study for the test, but I tried it anyway. I think I got the first half right.. but that doesn't say much about the second half because I completely skipped one question and there were only four on the entire test :\ I hope I got a.. decent score (as in above 50 lol). Anyway I just woke up and aside from being scared shitless of my blaring alarm radio, I feel amazing! This wasn't the first time I've skipped a class, but it's definitely the first time I've skipped 3 in a row haha.

I am so bad >:3

And this morning while I was at breakfast with my roommate and another friend this girl came up to our table and told me that she loved my hair! ^_^ I love getting compliments in the morning haha. She came by again after putting away her plate and asked if it was natural and I said yes (6 months and going mothafuckkkaaaaaa.... is what I wanted to say lol ._. ) then she introduced herself to me and my friends. Angela. I hope I don't forget that name. She looked like a fashion major considering the fact that she was just wearing a red oversized sweater and heels. But yea, it made me feel pretty special (because I literally just pulled back my hair with a clip today haha). Yay me!

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