Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why So Serious?

There's this poster I put up on my closet door recently. It's of Joker from The Dark Knight writing "WHY SO SERIOUS?" in blood with his thumb. And he's drawing a bloody smile that looks like the one on his face...
I just thought that I'd share that. It used to be my brother's. He hung it behind the door of his room. Quickly after he moved, when my mom was putting away all his stuff, she took it down was about to throw it in the trash. But I saved it. I miss Malcolm. But hey, that's why phones were invented. No matter how bad my day went, when I talk to Malcolm it all gets better somehow :)
And I'm so glad he's been helping me with this whole college process. Heaven knows I never would've been able to do it on my own. I just wish that I didn't procrastinate as much. I want to make him proud... I found a book in my bookcase a while ago. Where The Wild Things Are. Malcolm gave it to me for my last birthday. I really wanted to go see the movie, for him to go with me, but we never got a chance to. So he got me the book :) And he wrote me a beautiful message in the back. My brother... I should really sit down and try to write that college essay about him I've been meaning to.
But anyway, I didn't want to ramble on about him. I wanted to also say that I am so SORE lol! I've only had captain's practice for the past two days. Yesterday, I was fine, but when I woke up this morning my butt was sore. Then I came home today (after walking home from Forest Hills) and my legs were so freakin sore! Bending my knees takes so much energy haha. But I'll get used to it. I love volleyball. I missed it haha<3
Unfortunately, I'm running out of cash FAST. I was able to save up $50 about 2 weeks ago. Now it's all gone. This sucks. It costs a lot of money to get to and from practice everyday. Plus I have to buy stuff to eat because there's nothing at home. And once again, I'm not getting allowance (more about that later). That's why I walked home from Forest Hills today. I thought it was a good workout. And of course it saved me money lol. (Not only that but my bus apparently doesn't run from 10:45- 11:55 on weekdays... LAME -_-) So I decided that I'll go tomorrow but then not go for the rest of the week since our practice keeps getting interrupted by little kids who use the gym anyway. This weekend I hope I'll be able to ask for like $10 to get a weekly pass or something for captain's practice next week.
So today after practice I watched Buffy and visited Lexy. She's so bored at home lol. The laziness must've emanated off of her and spread to me like a disease somehow while I was there because I found myself not having enough energy to even finish sentences coherently LMAO. Late at night my parents came back home. My mom was complaining that I didn't wash the dishes eventhough I was here almost all day while both my parents were at work for about 12 hours. Yes, my dad usually works like that, but lately my mom has been working late to make extra money. Bills bills bills :(
Being completely honest, there's like nothing to eat other than leftovers from Saturday (I'm surprised it lasted this long). And I'm afraid to ask for money because... well, they're struggling to make ends meet. True, they are supposed to be providing for me and making sure that I have everything I need, but I don't know... I just feel like a burden. But hey, in a sense all kids are I guess. Yea. Well, that's why I can't go out this weekend. No cash. Sorry. I'd really love to, but I can't.
Oh yea. And Lexy and I were talking today as she walked me home. We talked about our goals before graduating. Mine is simple: go on a date lol. I want to go on a serious date. I'm just waiting for the right guy, I guess. It's taking a while cuz most guys at our school are uhh... not very date-worthy haha.
Alright. Well I gotta get some sleep so I can wake up at like 6 for practice lol (so sad)... And I gotta get some reading done haha. That's me! Sleep deprived, procrastinating Christina lol. Sweet dreams all :)

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