Saturday, November 27, 2010


Saturday in Spanish :)

So today was... better. That's probably because I didn't interact with my family much. And because he didn't aim me, but at least I didn't go near insane or cry today. YAY :D
Hahaha. My mom did my hair around 3 (it smells incredible right now!) and then I went to the movies with my cousins. We saw Harry Potter, against my wishes. It was okay I guess. I had no idea what was happening or who half of those people were, but that's okay.
We went to the Dedham de Lux theatre. First off, their food and drinks and candy are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced. $5 for a drink? $4 for a tiny box of candy? WHAT?! It's outrageous. Those prices are way higher than any other theatre I've been to. Do they make you pay for the atmosphere too? Why should I have to pay for that too when I don't even stay there (the lobby) for more than 5 minutes? >:\
Secondly, we walked into the theatre a little late (the movie was already starting) and there were absolutely no seats lol! We had to sit in the second row. At least the seats reclined a bit. And we were able to kick our feet up haha.
I kept asking my cousins questions during the movie because the only HP movie I've seen in full is the first one. The 3 or 4 movies in between are all just a blur lol. Like Dumbledor is dead? WHAT?! I was shocked hahaha.
Afterwards we walked around and went to the Apple Store. While trying to post a video on my cousin's wall I linked iPhoto to my facebook. We didn't know how to take it off and the store was closing so when I got home I changed my password (just in case). So Vivian don't even think about trying to hack my facebook lol.
We left and went to Friendly's so I could try a Fribble, but they were closed :(
I will try a Fribble some day! >:|
So we went to Star Market/Shaws for candy haha. I ate chocolate and Pringles and they dropped me off home. I had a good time.
Is it bad that earlier today (when I thought we were going to go to the Downtown theatre) I thought about leaving them to go to BCNC and play volleyball with Qui and Joey and them? Or not even play, just watch. Watch him. I think that's bad. Really bad. Bad Christina! haha sigh. How can I just be friends now? Grrr. I fupped everything up.

Well on a better note, this morning when I was trying on the Victoria Secret stuff my mom bought me last night I found out that I'm now a 34B. Whooo! lmaoooo
You guys didn't need to know that, but it's something that cheered me up today haha. I wouldn't be surprised if I got a bra from one of you guys this Christmas/my birthday LOL.
And I think that's it. I still haven't started any schoolwork. I think I'll just attempt at it tomorrow. I'm tired. So it's just do a bit more Twizzler munchin and Pringle crunchin then sleep. Oh, maybe I'll watch My Generation online or read Twilight before I k.o. though. Hehehe okie doke. Later!

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