Monday, April 16, 2012

Is there any way to reverse your thoughts about someone once you've deemed them annoying and/or aggravating? I mean, my friend is a nice person and all but now every time I see her I can't stop the feelings of disgust rising in me.

Maybe it's just me holding a grudge, but I don't feel comfortable around her anymore. She said that I'm always complaining. Which I guess is sort of true. I'm not gonna lie. I criticize a lot, that's what I do (what my whole family does actually). But I've been this way since the first time I met her!

It's like I can't trust her anymore. I don't know what she really thinks about me. Which really sucks because we were really good friends. I would even say she was one of my closest friends at school.

Not anymore.

I'm going to see if spending time with her and the rest of my friends this weekend will help smooth things over. But if not, then that's it. The year is almost over... I don't have to see her around much longer. It was nice knowing her haha.

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