Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I never got to fully tell the story of my nightmare.
Do you know that white kid from Glee who's in this relationship thing with Mercedes? I think his name's Sam? Well anyway I had a guy friend that looked almost like him in my dream.
My family, Malcolm, Dinah, my Dad, and Mom were at the Stop and Shop behind my house getting last minute groceries for a party that we were late getting to. My friend Samwhateverhisname went inside to get stuff with my Mom. They were taking forever. And Dinah was getting more upset with each passing minute. Finally my Mom comes out with Samwhatshisname following slowly behind. They load up the car and we got on our way. It was my Mom behind the driver's seat, Samwhatshisname in the middle, me behind the passenger, Malcolm crammed way back in the rear, Dinah in the passenger seat, and my dad driving - but he was driving way too slow (to my sister's standards). Dinah kept complaining so they switched seats and she started driving. She was speeding and like a mad man and I said some smart-ass comment about us still being late even with her driving crazy. She was screaming at me to shut up but I didn't. I kept pushing her buttons and so she swerved to a stop by the side of the road. She pulled out a silver gun and pointed it in my face. "Keep talking, see what's gonna happen." So I threw out a taunt like I always do, "You wouldn't dare."
And she shot me seven times. Twice in/around my head and five times in my chest.
I swear I could feel the bullets in my sleep. It took a while for me to black out completely. I held on to Samwhatshisname's hand and as I died I wasn't able to squeeze it anymore. I just... died. In the car. With my family watching.
It was so tragic that I started crying in my sleep. And I woke up with tears rolling down my face.
How crazy is that?

Well there's that. And then later I was diagnosed with scabies. Fun, right? No. I'm really hoping that $50+ cream they prescribed me works and stops my itching. It's ridiculously overpriced.

In other news, my roommate finally had sex with her boyfriend of 3-and-some-change years. Congrats to her! While writing and reflecting in my journal a while ago, I figured out why I get so uncomfortable when my friends bring up the topic of sex. And it's not the reason you'd think. I'm not jealous. I just feel... inexperienced around them. Like they're a part of something that's completely unknown to me. And I feel like an outsider sometimes..

But... yea. I'm done spilling my thoughts for the night.

I should come up with topics to write about each night... I shall make that list now (rather than studying for my test tomorrow, sigh).

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