Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Let's see... this week is turning out to be very busy. I'm lacking sleep! Of course Sunday night I was doing homework until late at night, maybe 1 or 2. But once Monday started I realized how much stuff really needed to be done. Rehearsals for Asian Night go on until like 4, which sucks cause it doesn't leave much time for me to go out afterwards. I wanted to go to the Y really bad today. I was determined to go, but I saw the time and just decided to go home. Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight...
But anywho, let me talk about yesterday. Everything was going okay until after rehearsals. Because of the conversation I had with Star the night before, I was waiting for her so that we could go workout at the Y. Before rehearsals she said that she wasn't sure. So I just waited around. It got to a point where I was really frustrated and so I finally got all my stuff together and asked if she decided if she wanted to go. Maybe there was something wrong with my ears, but I swear I heard her say yes. So I put away both our heels and came back downstairs to find that she wasn't getting ready to go. She gave me a "what are you still doing here" sorta look so I just said that I was going home. And I spent the next hour or so going home in heels that didn't fit (because if I wore my flats sand would've gotten everywhere) nearly starving to death (because I didn't grab breakfast that morning and I only had an energy milkshake for lunch) angry at Star and the world. I guess she didn't hear what I said, but I was still mad anyway.
Lesson of the Day:
Don't wait for indecisive people. You could end up waiting forever wasting your life away. Even if it's a situation where you love someone and are sure you want to marry them, if they're hesitating, if they don't love you, don't wait around. Or if you do wait, make sure you have patience, make sure you can make that person love you too haha.
Anyway, after all of that I got home to find that the power cord for my laptop came in the mail (WOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I got my laptop back!) and that I was accepted into Suffolk. So my afternoon turned a full 180. I spent the rest of the day catching up with my laptop and painting my nails lol. I ended up talking to Vthong actually. She's one of a kind, that girl :) By the time our convo ended I had decided that she was gonna be my Valentine hehehe ♥ Talking to her made my night. But yes, yesterday was a tiring day. Honestly though, today was even worse. I was even more tired. And I'm still upset I didn't go to the Y (I didn't pay $30 to renew my membership for nothing!). I realize that I won't be able to go until Saturday or next week. My schedule looks something like...

Wednesday: rehearsals, get a chocolate rose for John (for after his performance because he doesn't like real flowers lol), bake a cake for the show (since Bobby's making brownies I'm gonna make a cake; it's gonna be layered with red and yellow frosting, just... awesome -- or at least it looks awesome in my head), get ma herr did for the show... hopefully
Thursday: TTT meeting, run to the bank and buy Vthong yellow flowers before the show (flowers for a great performance ♥), SHOWTIME! (i get to see my "mom" Sawah and Tingtong! ^^), EAT FOOD
Friday: go to newbury st and mike's pastries with Vthong and Van and Lexy and... people lol (i'm hoping to get a "giant microbe" plushy from newbury comics for Vthong -- i thought of it for a gift before ever asking her to come along so i don't know how i'm gonna get it without her knowing and how and/or when i'm gonna give it to her... sigh; and i also wanted to take her to Sweet cause she's never been ^^; and i wanna go to Lush!!!!)
Saturday/Sunday: buy ingredients to make a Domo cake for Lexy (also a gift that i've had planned way back when) and oatmeal raisin cookies for my old lady neighbor up the street and a heart shaped cake for my Valentine (Vthong, again lol) ...oh, and bake them, of course

Hahaha I'm gonna make Vthong fat xD JKJKJK. It might look like we hang out a lot, but we really don't. That's why I'm doin all that. I want us to hang out more. And she's a good person, I want to shower her with gifts for Valentine's Day. Since I won't (be getting gifts from a Valentine or anything), I might as well do it for someone else. I'm gonna make it an extra special day for her :) And one of these years it'll be an extra special day for me too.
Yes, so there is much to do this week. And that's not including homework, especially all that work I need to make up. Speaking of, I should probably get to that now haha. See ya dearies!

OH! But one thing that I loved today was seeing Frank-o-bean. He finally visited! ^^ He didn't tell me, I just happened to see him in a stairwell, but he'll be at school on Tuesdays volunteering now. Wooo! I can't wait :)

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