Thursday, May 19, 2011


So according to Star, we were "flirting" at practice today -_-
I don't want to believe it because I'd be setting myself up to get hurt again just like all the other times. But then again, he sort of started noticing and talking to me first. So maybe she's right. Or not. Either way...... I can't flirt lmao. I'm like the least sexy person in Boston. I can't lure any guy near, which is why by this Friday (Monday, really) I will have gone through 4 years of high school without achieving my goal of going out on a real date. I guess I'm unapproachable. So much for wishful thinking. I was sure I would've gotten it done this year too...

But, I'm going to the states game tomorrow. To support the team. To see and maybe talk to (more like argue with) him lol. It's obvious I just don't want to admit it.
Oh hey! It's raining. The perfect time for me to sleep. The sound helps me sleep :3 Night loves!

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