Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm.. not happy. At all. I feel like I'm losing all my friends. And the fact that graduation is right around the corner makes it all the more depressing. I wish things were back to the way they used to be. When I didn't question myself or regret so much. Back when I was at least somewhat happy. This sucks. I truly appreciate Thomas' little encouraging comments and Twinn's advice. But I doubt things will go back to the way they were. Even if Star and I started talking again, I don't think it'll be the same :( And that just means that we weren't really best friends at all. Because best friends, no matter how far or how long apart, when reunited they should stay the same... right? I knew there was a reason why I didn't like the term "best friend". So far for each one I've had, it's never worked out. And it hurts too much to lose them.. I can't stand it. She knows my story and I'd like to say I know hers.. or at least some of hers, what she told me.. It sucks knowing all that and having all those memories and NOT BEING ABLE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Sigh.
Yea... and I hate Ms. Bradeen... like with a fiery passion. That bitch. If she doesn't pass me, I swear she will have hell to pay >_>

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