Monday, May 9, 2011

This morning my dad gave me a much needed $10 (I've been broke for a while now). And do you know what I did today? I treated two of my friends to froyo for their birthdays. And now I'm broke again. I'm not sure if what I did is a good thing, I mean, it sure felt good, but it may not have been smart. I remember a while ago I said that I was gonna be frugal, but that didn't last at all -_- I think I'm doomed to be a spender. I'm considered the "smart spender" of my siblings, but now I just feel stupid. I guess in the end it depends on how I spend my money. Spending it on friends seems okay to me, as long as I'm not blowing everything all at once. I sorta did, but I know I did it for a good reason, to see my friends smile. It's the least I could do :)

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