Saturday, June 4, 2011


It was... okay. It definitely wasn't worth all that money that was spent, anger that was suppressed, or stress that was had though. All that fuss over one night that honestly wasn't that great... Sure, the experience was awesome. Everyone looked amazing! And I danced my arse off of course (with Vin and Masio and Ka'Mari and my date Lexy and lots of other people). But... no matter what I did, I couldn't get Savage off my mind. I found myself looking for him and dancing near him.. almost as if to prove to him that I was having a great time, that he was missing out on all of this, that I was happy - okay not being with him. But I couldn't have much fun seeing him dance with nearly half the girls in our class. I seriously thought that I was over him but after seeing him the other day on the street, I should've known that it wasn't that easy.

So overall I danced, I sweated, I got myself a new hat, I went to IHOP, and now I've stayed up for the sunset. I should get some sleep if I'm going to make Lexy breakfast tomorrow...

I'm just still hung up. I never got my dance, you know :[

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  1. It's okay, love! I just wish I could've told you earlier to try not to think about it :\ He IS missing out. Such a beautiful girl that he'll never have! I'm at least glad that you had an "okay" time. I really hope that it was actually a GREAT time, it was just "okay" because of that issue...