Monday, November 14, 2011


Tattoos have become increasingly popular nowadays.... I think Chris Brown started it. Think about it, he disappeared for a while and when he came back, more popular than ever, he was covered in tattoos lol jk. But seriously, every other person and their sister have tattoos. I'm not against the idea at all.. as long as you get it for a good reason. My roomie Nina told me about one of her friends who got a tattoo of a crown pretty much on her cooch to "always remind her that she needs to be treated like a queen"........ seriously? That is not a good reason.
I have a plan for when/if I actually decide to get a tattoo. I'm definitely getting a star (for reasons somewhat personal.. but not really haha). Yeah, I know that lots of people get star tattoos but not everyone has a person to tie it to like I do! I really want it to be somewhere visible like on my wrist but I heard that hurts like a mother :/ We'll see..
And the other tattoo I'd like would be one of a giraffe like the one in that pic. Isn't it awesome?!?! So many people dear to me have told me to "stand tall"; those words are a great confidence booster. Cons: I have dark skin so it probably won't look as nice and I want to be able to see my tattoos/I'd rather not have one on my shoulder.
I used to want a TWLOHA tattoo too, just like a heart with the word love in or near it. But again, these are all just ideas. Maybe someday...

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