Friday, November 25, 2011

Sarah Dessen

I spent the majority of my day reading Just Listen and I was severely disappointed when I finished. I got over halfway through it then I couldn't help but skip pages at a time and skim for the most interesting parts. I guess ever since that summer I read a stack of her books and a whole bunch of other teen romances, the plot doesn't interest me anymore. Her stories are always the same: Girl has a problem (she's been sexually assaulted, her parents are breaking up, she lost her best friend, someone died, etc.), Girl has trouble coping and growing up, Magical Guy comes along and "saves" her, they get together, they break up, she gets her life together, they get back together again, they live happily ever after. It's stupid. She recycles the same storyline and pumps out another book for romantic tweens with unrealistic expectations of their first relationship to scoop up diligently. Ridiculous. How is she making so much money off this crap? It's not even remotely realistic. And would it kill her to have a female main character than solves her own problems? Does a guy have to come along in her life for her to realize what she has to do? Do heroines not exist anymore?

By the way, one character in that book was described as having "olive skin" and "dark hair"........ seriously? That's happened in pretty much every other book I've read that mentions a black person. Is it considered inappropriate for an author to say that a character is "black" or "African American"? How about just "dark skinned"?

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