Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Hampshire

Oh yea, and this is like one of the only bits of evidence I have that shows I was actually in New Hampshire for three days. I went with my roommate Chelsea and our friend Vicki to Vicki's Grandma's house. It was fun other than the fact that Vicki got some sort of food poisoning and was throwing up all Monday night/Tuesday morning, and that I started getting sick Tuesday. I've never been to New Hampshire before so it was cool seeing all the mountains. Her Grandma lived in a house right next to a lake in a bunch of private property. (A lot of rich people lived there. Vicki showed us all the multimillion dollar houses.) We made meals for her Grandma and it was fun because one, the food was good and two, it was interesting to see the differences between how white people prepare their food and how my family prepares their food lol. All in all though it's such a dead state. I would never live there. Though I will be sure to visit again over the summer because apparently it's so much more fun :)
On the last day, Wednesday, we made chocolate chip cookies and right before we left her Grandma gave me some oils and paintbrushes and easels to get me started painting. She's so sweet. <3

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