Friday, March 30, 2012

Next Crush.

So there's this guy...

No, not P. I could care less about what he does now.
And it doesn't help that my friends keep mentioning him... "Oh yea we can go on a date! I'll go with ____, Chels can go with _____, and you can go with P! :D"


Falling for a guy who's gay is not funny.

There's this other guy I've seen around. The first time I saw him was in the dining commons (of course, it's always the dining commons). He was working there last Saturday morning. And we made eye contact several times...
LOL, how sad is it that I fall for the first guy to give me attention? Sigh.
He's tall and lean. Long light brown hair that falls in his face. I don't know the color of his eyes. Or if he's in a relationship. He looks like a geek pretty much. (So many times Malcolm has told me to date a geek... I guess it sort of just imprinted on me. I find them really cute haha.)

He's... good-looking in that shy sort of way. He has potential.

Today he was standing behind me in line to get an omelet :)
He wore a short sleeve plaid shirt under his jacket. And he had this really cool necklace on.
Last time I saw him he was sitting at a table with this other kid who's in my Expos class. It's safe to say that that kid, Peter, is a little socially awkward. But he's normal. Not crazy. Therefore this nameless kid that I have eyes for must be normal and nice too, right?

I wish I knew his name.

Sigh, why do I fall for the quiet ones? lol

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