Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I really want a garter tattoo.
But not an actual lace garter design, I want it to have the theme of the Greek goddess Athena like with a helmet and an owl and a tiger lily or geraniums (apparently they're her flower symbols) and of course with some stars (in honor of my bestie). I want it to wrap around my mid/lower thigh. Maybe those symbols could be on top of the Greek key pattern?

But it's so hard to think of a design to link all of those images together that I sort of just want to give up and get a lacey garter tattoo haha. Those don't look too bad either though :)
Notice that they're all on white skin.... -_-
And I'd only have it on my left leg.

Bows are cute, but the bows on the ones that I've seen look tacky. So, idk. I need to think it through a bit more. Plus if that's the first time I get a tattoo, I'm not sure how long I'd last sitting there getting stabbed with a  needle...

One of these days.. :)

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