Sunday, September 23, 2012

I would. For you.

I would be there to wipe your tears if you were crying.
I would skip my classes to be by your side if you needed me to.
I would hurt those who hurt you.
I would cut if it would make you stop.
I would use all my money and effort to get someone like Brian Puspos to spend a day with you just to see you smile.
I would make one hundred friendship bracelets in hopes of keeping our friendship.
I would make one thousand more paper cranes to give you give luck.
I would stay up late to bake you goodies all the time.
I would go out of my way to be at every single one of your volleyball games and cheer you on.
I would kidnap you and take you to Sixflags or some carnival to show you a good time.
I would go out to a restaurant or a movie or the mall or something with you if you had no one else to go with.
I would get permanent ink etched into my skin spelling out "jifly" in honor of you.
I would text you everyday (and call every once in a while) to see how you were doing.
I would do all these things and more for you.
It may sound a little creepy and maybe even borderline obsessive, but I would.
You are by far one of the most brilliant, caring, inspiring people I've met in my life. Even more than my former best friend. I wish that I could make you see that. I wish I could wipe away all your problems, all your doubts, all your loneliness. I can't. But maybe this will show you that you aren't alone. There will always be at least one person thinking about you. You aren't just some speck of dirt on the face of life, you mean something incredibly large to someone somewhere. Keep that in mind.

Maybe the next time I come to town to visit, we'll get to see each other and catch up like we were supposed to. And hopefully I'll have your bracelet done by then too haha.

 Let's take some more stupid pictures at the Apple Store sometime soon, okay?
(This is from like 3 years ago. How crazy is that?!)

Be well, Twinn.
And don't forget to smile - you're beautiful.

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