Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last Thursday... Day

This is really late but these are the pics from last Thursday when I spent the day with my sistahhh Lexy :)
I woke up early and went to my high school to visit Cwong and checkout the new people for volleyball tryouts. They were so badddd. But I guess I should be more lenient, I definitely wasn't very good when I first started... Anyway it was nice to see everybody again. They're all so grown up! *tear* I still can't believe I'm turning 20 in a few months! I'm getting so old! And of course it was great to serve some volleyballs...
Then after walking/jogging all the way home I made pancakes with Lexy and we rode bikes over to Jamaicaway. It was fun :)
Waiting at the bus stop for the bus that never came...
My bike in front of the pretty pond.
My beautiful blueberry pancake!
Our brunch before heading out.
And look how well my flowers grew! Too bad they finally bloomed towards the end of Summer; I wonder how long before they wilt...

I will post pictures of my dorm room up soon!

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