Friday, September 21, 2012


I'm back home in my bed. And I sort of wish that I weren't. I mean, it's nice to see my family and to relax for a bit, but there's a reason why I'm only staying for a day. I can't deal with them all again. Plus, at least I got food to eat at school! I came back and there was nothing to eat -_-
On the bright side, I got three more of the books I ordered. One of which is The Book Thief. I'm excited about that one.

Oh, and apparently my dad switched up my room like the day after I moved out so it looks odd. But I still have all my stuff so it's okay. I did have to move my cranes though. They were being blocked by the dresser. I like them in their new spot though. There's lots of light to showcase my hard work :)

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