Friday, February 8, 2013

I can't sleep.

Apparently whatever I did tonight, half-consciously keeping Diem from hooking up with Darius was a bad decision. She was mad and she.. expressed her feelings to me. I get it now, I was wrong. She knows what she wants. But it still hurt me. And she was right, I DEFINITELY didn't want to hug her though I said it was okay that she did. What I took away from that.. (I wouldn't even call it a conversation) is that I shouldn't butt in anything about Diem's life. I should just back off. Forever. So I will. I love how tonight was supposed to be my birthday celebration too. What a great way to end it all, right? Getting yelled at? Fuck that. I.. don't need this. I shouldn't feel bad at all. Yes, I was drunk - she was drunk, but I shouldn't feel bad. I'm just done, period. Just another part of my life that's done and over with like Vicky and Jimmy. I'm done.

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