Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lazy Bum...

So just now my dad called me a lazy bum infront of my cousins and their mom. Thank you, so much (which I actually did say). I mean, it's okay to call me that around immediate family, but anyone outside that... that's just wrong. The reason so many of my cousins are over is because they're helping prepare for my sister and my cousin's graduation cookout/party tomorrow. My dad said it wasn't a party, but he's wrong. This is gonna be another classic Joseph family cookout. Big.
What I hate most about these parties is the day before. All the aunts and people come over and take over the kitchen like they own the place. Sooo annoying. (Or maybe it's just me, I have issues.) anywho, the best part is obviously seeing all my cousins and family. And the food and all the conversations. It's the best of times and the worst of times...
But this all reminded me of Malcolm and how he's most likely not coming tomorrow for my sisters graduation or the party. I really wish I could see him right now. I could use a slightly awkward hug.
*moment to recoup*
Sighhh. So my dad asked me "don't you feel bad that everybody is working except for you?" To which I responded no and he called me a lazy bum. I'm it mad because what am I gonna do?! (acually, I just realized that I could vacuum the stairs because my mom told me to do it this morning... I'll do it right after this post. But back to the main point...) I just found out that we were having a cookout here TWO DAYS AGOOO! Jesus! You could at least warn a girl. Plus, everybody has something to do already. I'm not goin outside and I can't cook. You uys are just gonna fix whatever else I do so what's the point?
And as a result I am up in my room staying away from everybody else. I don't want to deal with this. I didn't plan to have this party. Call me when he actual party starts. Call me when he fun starts. Call me when Malcolm gets back home...


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