Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Thought Wrong. There's Always A Downside.

So I thought that I'd be able to handle today but I was wrong.  
OMG! EWWW! I guess I was standing to close to the edge of the roof because I just felt drops of something fall on me. I'm guessing it was pigeon pee (do they even pee???). Ugh! If some sort of mutant cancerous growth starts forming on my hand, you'll know why. Anywho, where was I...
I thought that I'd be able to handle today, but I was wrong. I'm almost can't wait for next year now. Sigh. I have no idea how I went through this before (because pretty much the samething happened to me in middle school; except then, my freind--my best friend-- actually went out with the guy). If you haven't figured it out by now I'm talking about Hung.
So today was a pretty good day. I felt a lot better than I have been feeling all week. We did pretty much nothing in our classes because there's still AP testing. So I spent most of the day reading Runaways. And I finished it too! Lexie wants to read it now >:) I'm gonna give it to her tomorrow when we have our movie night. I sorta want to sleep over too, but idk. And Qui wants to read the second one so I'll give it to him after I'm done with it haha, probably Monday. And though I didn't talk to Cwong all day (I think she waved at me once in the stairwell but I kept walking, I felt soooo bad!), afterschool when I was waiting for Emmi and taking pics with Vthong, she talked to me!!! :D really sad sounding, but it's the truth. Of course she talked to Vthong first, but it's something. I hate how we act like strangers :(
Yeah, so afterschool Emmi and I went to go get he Build-a-Bear/senior gift for our group for Phi. And we met up Jenny... and Hung at Ruggles. At first it was okay. He's a funny dude (and Emmi too!) so conversation wasn't awkward or anything.  But by he end of the day Hung and Jenny were tires and... I dint even want to say it. Because I know it sounds ridiculous, but just one movement can hurt a lot it if you really like a person :( and this morning I walked up the stairs but Sarah C2 wasn't there and the only other person I knew was Hung who was sitting by himself so I sat wig him. Then later Cwong came and that made it extra awkward ugh.
Anywho, I hunk I'm just gonna stay away from him now... or at least when Jenny's around. I can't handle it.
But aside from the Hung and Jenny situation, today was a pretty good day. I'm just really hungry! I can't wait to get home and eat some foooooooodddddd! You can't buy much with only one dollar in your wallet, even if you are at McDonalds.
Oh, this is my bus stop. Blog you later.

P.S. (I'm at home) I realized that love really is a losing game. In the end, you still lose your love. Always. Welllllll, maybe not always. But aside from relationships like in The Notebook, you do.

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