Monday, December 13, 2010

BC1: Day Five

Something you hope to do in your life.

You know, I would love to complete my list of things before I pass away, but let's be a bit more realistic..
Besides, that list is filled with mostly materialistic things. At the end of the day, at the end of my life, I would like to have accomplished two things. I hope to make someone cry tears of joy and I hope to be remembered long past my time for the great things I've done. That's all. Simple as that. Haha.
Who knows, maybe I've already done the first one (though I'd love to see it for myself). As for the second one, well, the sole thing humans need to survive is love (because with love, anything is possible). Everyone needs it, everyone wants it. It's nice to feel loved, but I guess I'm a bit selfish for wanting to be loved past my time haha. I'd love to know that there will be people (whether it be my descendants or my friends' descendants) who tell stories about me, people who say "Oh Christina? She changed my life." Before I die I want to know that I made an impact on someone's life, that I was a good friend, that I was there for people. So can you blame me for wanting to be more than a floating thought in people's distant memories? Something tangible would be nice (maybe a statue? lol jk), even if I never get the chance to see it.

Haha. Towards the end I was joking, but for the most part I was being serious. Those are my hopes for my life. I just want to make it meaningful. Don't we all?

Until tomorrow.

P.S. Those days when I skipped, I was busy. Especially Saturday night. Yes, I went to the Winter Blackout. It was... nice :)
The whole night was cool. And I love how it ended... *blush*

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