Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long Update Time! :D

Hello blogettes :)
It's weird how I'm feeling so good right now when about 24 hours ago I was feeling like crap. No, I didn't take any drugs haha.
This week has been pretty busy. Monday I followed Sushi home. Then Tuesday I went to Chorus and then worked out at the Y, eventually practicing basketball with Joey. Yesterday Sushi came by and I made cinnarolls. Then after she left I got sleepy and ended up falling asleep and waking up at 5.
Actually, even though I said I wouldn't... I have to talk about him. We're back on good friend terms again (though I still think he's flirty at times). But anyway I had a another dream about him last night, which is weird because I'm really not thinking about him all that much. He was here, at my house, and it was as though he'd been here a hundred times before. He was watching me wash dishes... and then he commented on my OCDness haha. Now that I think about it, Sushi was watching me wash dishes yesterday. And we were talking about how everyone has some sort of OCD or disorder lol. So I guess that's where that dream came from...
Yeah. I wasn't late this morning! And I was a bit discouraged because nobody wanted to buy my cinnarolls (people ended up just stealing them -_-). Either that or they didn't know I was selling them. At first I was gonna sell it for $1 each, but then I thought about the 4/5 hours it took for me to make it and I said $1.50... and people put away their money. Cheap bastards. Which reminds me, since Alcina is making a fan page for her music (which 1, she asked me to like and 2, the only time I heard her sing was in a video she put on facebook and... it didn't sound that good), I should follow Malcolm's advice and make one for my baking >:] I will. Right after I make that Shindig event...
What else? Well afterschool I ran around the Fenway area with Vicky for an hour or so lol. She invited me to her VLA award ceremony thing. And all of her family was there so it was like I was part of the family =^.^= LOL
Mr. Moy was there, which I was highly upset about, but he didn't bother me as much as Quang Le did. I don't know. There's just something about his smug little face that makes me want to throw a fist into it lol. The sad part is that I don't feel bad about saying it. Like, I don't even know him yet I don't like him. Sigh, after Hung, I don't think I'll ever trust a babyface again.
Afterwards I took the train and got home at like 7. Along the way I thought of the perfect excuse for why I went to a "last-minute Red Cross Club meeting". It incorporated my coming home late AND the Winter Blackout party next week AND that volunteer thing I'm doing next Sunday. It was perfect (especially paired with the adorable cupcakes I brought both my parents back from the ceremony), but when I started talking I could tell that my dad didn't care haha. Oh well. So now I have permission to go to the Winter Blackout! Now I just need to buy the ticket and find an outfit :\
I'll probably go to the mall with Vicky... maybe. If not, she can always just make me dinner :) That'll suffice. As long as it doesn't kill me lol. I trust her, but I told her to stock up on Benedryl just in case haha.

Ummmm. I still need to get a job! How am I supposed to get gifts and go places and plan stuff if I don't have any cash? Grrrr. I need to get my priorities straight >_< style="font-style: italic;">pretty sure I passed my precalc test today :D Except for the first part, it seemed easy. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not O_O I really need to boost up my grade because like every other test, I've failed. Stupid Precalc. It's ruining my report card! Not even, my transcripts!
Yeah. And my back is starting to hurt. Like, I was lying face down on my bed the other day and maybe it was the height of my pillows or something, but my back was not pleased. I hope I don't/won't have back problems... I blame volleyball. It's always the things I love/like that end up hurting me :(

Yea. I think that's it. Other than the fact that Paola's becoming a serious homewrecker, trying to steal my Vincent♥ away from me, nothing much is happening haha. But seriously, she needs to stop. She's starting to anger me. Especially since last year I did not like her at all. She was in my French class and the things she did pissed me off... until one day in the start of volleyball, she came up to me and asked to be my friend haha. Would that be considered two-faced?

Okay. Let me go... do other stuff now (notice how I didn't say homework). Byeeee!

P.S. I ♥ my son Chup so much! He's such a cutie! And he's just awesome in general :D

Plan for the rest of the week:
Tomorrow - hang out with Sushi, eat dinner at her place?
Saturday - go to the Y and play volleyball at BCNC
Sunday - Athena Conference!
And somewhere in there I'd get some homework done lol. That's if my dad let's me go out that much... We'll see.

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