Saturday, December 4, 2010


Haha I don't think that title makes sense to anyone else. I switched the two middle letters of both the words. I didn't want to swear lol.

Currently listening to: Now That You Got It -- Gwen Stefani
Hehe. iTunes is on shuffle. This song came on and I'm just really in love with this beat right now haha.

Okay. So yesterday was okay. Wait. I forgot what happened... *3 minutes later*
Oh yea! Okay, I got it. So I did no homework Thursday night haha. That's weird because I stayed up until like 1:30. I was doing facebook stuff (Including making a fan page for my baked goods! Join it! It's called "Christina's Cookies & More"). I woke up on time around 5 yesterday morning (obviously didn't get much sleep). I had to rush to catch the bus so I just grabbed the new box of Wheat Thins from the cupboard and threw a lunch together. I literally had to run across the street to catch the 30.
Let's see... fell asleep in study first period, munched on Wheat Thins throughout French (and made Vthong an uber cute note - that she never saw lol), winged a test in History, did slave labor for Ms. Pastor in the office for my other study, found out that I actually got a 55 on that test I thought I passed in Precalc (complete bullshit, that ruined my day), listened to music and didn't eat or talk during lunch because I was mad, found out that Khanh beat up some chick (that made my day because I really felt like beating up someone... I really hope she deserved it haha. Khanh♥♥♥), got a hug from Qui in English, nearly fell asleep in Biomed (I felt bad because she's such an awesome, enthusiastic teacher, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open that period), declined the offer to go out and eat with Vixie because I wanted to "go home and sleep" (it's also because I had like no money), got stopped by Qui on my way outside -- he's an odd kid haha, took the 32, walked up a hill, got home around 2:15, watched most of a movie on tv, did facebook stuff, went to the mall with my mom around 6, fell asleep in the car as she was dropping off one of her friends in Brockton, didn't find a dress for Winter Blackout, went home, ate food, did stuff, and fell asleep... yay! That was my day! lol
I woke up around noon this morning hahahaha. But yea, precalculus is pissing me off. I hate that class soooooo freaking much. A 55? Seriously?! I talked to Cao afterwards and he said that I got all the hard stuff right. He looked at it and I realized that I made a few stupid mistakes -_- But hey, at least I finally have this stuff in my head... Now I just have to apply it my tests.... and do well >_>
This is so unfair. Precalc and French are worst. Stupid junior classes...

Anywho, I'm going to the Y and then to BCNC today. I still haven't told my dad about the Athena Conference tomorrow haha. I will... later :P
Bye guys! Have a great Saturday :)

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