Thursday, December 1, 2011

Emotionally Exhausted.

What a horrid way to start the day...
So much shit happened yesterday. It ended okay because Malcolm and Honeybee distracted me up but I was just so tired. Not only have I been getting very little sleep this week but it took a lot of energy to pull myself together after that incident with my sister. I didn't do any homework and I woke up dismal and run-down. I feel like I have nothing left in me. I don't want to go to class or be around my roommate. I just want to crawl under my covers and sleep. I probably seem like even more of a bitch than usual to Nina's friends.. maybe even Nina too.
I feel unmotivated, unwanted, and overall unhappy. Yet I still have that pile of work to do. Sigh. I wish this week would just end already. I have a delightful weekend planned ahead. I'm sure that's all I need.

Is it just me or do I seem to be down in the dumps more often nowadays? It's not too too often - maybe once a month - but it's strange . How is it that I have this feeling more now than I ever did in high school? How is it that in a sea of people I can still feel so alone?

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