Friday, December 9, 2011

My Second List

I also have this other list that isn't nearly as long... It's a relationship list lol. Things that I want to do with my boyfriend whoever they are and whenever they show up.

First thing's first. In my lifetime I would like to date an Asian guy and a white guy. It's just that overtime guys of those two races have been the ones that I've seemed to fall for more often lol. They're just.. hawt! It'd be nice to actually have a relationship with one. Or you know, just let me do the dirty with Brian Puspos, that would work too ;)

South Korean band ss501

Ryan Gosling, of course

The problem with this picture though is that those clothes are covering up his lovely body... lol

Secondly, I would like to have sex with a firefighter/fireman. Call me crazy but the ones I've seen have all been pretty hot (granted they were in movies... LOL). Either way I would definitely have fun with their rippling muscles.. haha.

Third. Forehead kiss. I want my boyfriend to give me a kiss on the forehead... in the rain lol. Just kidding, kissing in the rain gets its own bullet lmao. But seriously, forehead kisses are uber cute.

Fourth. Makeout with a skateboarder. For some reason I think they're really hot. sigh*

Fifth. I'd like my boyfriend to write me a love letter. It's cute... o^-^o

Sixth. I want to buy walkie talkies and use them to talk to my boyfriend all night long! (Cell phones are so traditional lol.)

And actually that's all I have on this list for now. But I'm sure when I get a boyfriend we'll find more things to do... Not that, you nasties! lol :)

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