Friday, December 9, 2011


I'm so done with this semester. I just need to make one last effort, study my ass off, and pass my finals. I've experienced my first semester in college, I'm used to it now. I think I've had enough haha. Over break I'm planning to repay some people, get a couple gifts, and put the rest in my bank account. Save! Save! Save!
Then in 2012 I'll get a work-study job (more saving!). I'm planning on finding some volunteering opportunities to do bothon campus and off (in Boston). I haven't done that in a while and I really like helping people, so even on my worst days I'll still have something good to look forward to :)
And in the beginning of the year I signed up for a whole bunch of clubs whose meetings I haven't exactly been attending... :/ So I'm going to get on top of that and get more involved in some of them. I'm planning on joining the Choir on campus too. I love to sing and they need more people so I may as well go for it!
Then there's also this trip to Italy my school's Nutrition department is hosting. I went to the informational meeting and there were only like 10 other people there so I don't think it'll be too bad (one person was already my friend and another was a girl who lives like 3 doors down the hall from me so it'll be a nice chance to get to know her too). It's $3500 for about 2 weeks. It's a food tour so we go around eating good food and we visit a pasta factory and take a cooking class. It sounds like so much fun! I'm hoping I can save up enough money to go (using money left over from my financial aid also), but if not I'm planning on just saving the money and going on another trip some other time or even study abroad.. We'll see...
And next semester I'm taking an Expository Writing class with the teacher that everyone hates. I hear she's super strict but some people say they really liked her class so I don't know. I only have it two times a week, it shouldn't be that bad, right? Besides, I like writing. Maybe I'll do well and actually learn something :) I hope. I'm taking that and Bio and Chem and this Anthropology class on "males and masculinities". That should be interesting. I think 2012 is going to be a good year. It has to be, things can only go up from here.

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