Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I'd much rather make people my own personalized gifts rather than buy things because, well, honestly it's because I never have money to spend haha. But not only that, I like making things with my own hands. I always put a lot of love and hard work into my gifts.. and that may not always fare well because some people don't appreciate them. However I enjoy doing it. This year I'll have a job but I still won't have any real money until late December/early January. So it looks like I'll be making gifts again lol. Or I could just do what I did last year and use my Christmas and birthday money to get the gifts I wanted to get people later.. But I ended up pretty much broke after that last year so maybe not. We'll see. I don't have that many people to get gifts for anyway. And even if there are more than expected I can always make something ;)

That brings me to Honeybee... Over the course of a few weeks she's given me a bunch of gifts which I love, no doubt. But they're for no apparent reason. Just because. And accepting so many gifts like that just makes me feel... guilty? I don't know. I just wish I had stuff to give her too! So when I give her my cheap handmade gifts I feel like they're not good enough compared to all the gifts she bought, you know?
I do have this really nice idea for a gift (yes, it's handmade lol) but I don't know.. We'll see.

Sigh, oh the woes of exhibiting love and managing money.

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