Thursday, February 23, 2012

I don't like you.

I see you more and more. And I don't like you more and more.
I don't like your stupid long hair. I don't like your dark clothes. I don't like your walk with those white headphones stuck in your ears. I don't like how you arrogantly walk around oblivious to the world around you. I don't like how you never responded to my Valentine, which I stayed up practically all night trying to finish. I don't like how my heart beats whenever I see you. Or how I look away, making sure never to make eye contact with you. I don't like how I wasted my time and effort making that stupid card. I don't like how it took me all of 15 minutes to control my nervous shaking and muster up the courage to walk over and say something to you. I don't like how a minute into our conversation you pretended like I wasn't even there. I don't like seeing your waves of a mane twisted into a ponytail in the front row of our Bio lecture.

I don't like seeing you around.
I don't like how you don't notice me.
I don't like how I wasted pages upon pages on you in my journal.. and on my blog.
I don't like how you act like I'm nothing.

I don't like you.

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