Thursday, November 8, 2012

Escaping Freshman Fifteen

Last year I got by through volleyball. We were always training and practicing and I sweat A LOT. But this year I'm worried I'll succumb to the horrible disease that is Freshman 15. I play no sport, so there's nothing to keep me active. I go to the gym maybe once every two weeks (at least once a week if I'm being good), which isn't much exercise if you think about it long-term. I try to take the 6 flights of stairs up to my room to save power and keep my heart pumpin strong (that's more than I can say for those people who take the elevators from the 3rd floor to the 5th floor EVERY SINGLE DAY...), I've cut back on my juice and soda intake dramatically, and I try to only eat until I'm satisfied/eat smaller portions (with less meat also!), but at the end of the day... I CAN'T STOP EATING - or, let me clarify that. I can't stop snacking! It's sort of a problem because I'm always looking around for food but the stock in my room ran out so then I have to use my laundry money or cash to get something ridiculously overpriced from the vending machine which won't even fill me up but I still get anyway. It's as though I always have to chew on a snack.. And 90% of the snacks I end up eating are junk. I'm afraid. That my pouch will come back and haunt me, never go away. How do I control my food intake? Do I keep eating because of stress? Or because I'm just bored? (Sad, but true, that's a real possibility.)
I lost maybe 10 pounds over the summer when I cut out meat from my diet, maybe I should start that again to cancel out the buildup of bad foods.. Yeah, that's bad logic haha. Damn junk food, why must you be so tasty? Leave me be!!!

I can't stray from the sweets!

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