Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Pros and Cons of Single Life

Created by 50shadesoftayy. Check out her blog.

  • you don’t have to think for two
  • you have free time 24/7
  • you’re not exactly tied down to anyone
  • not having to remember anniversaries, birthdays, all other couple related dates.
  • not being pressured to have sex (although no one should pressure you, you should wait until you’re ready/comfortable with your mate.)
  • arguments.
  • get to know yourself better.
  • get to expand your social circle, without someone getting jealous.
  • when those times you’re lonely, and you don’t feel like just calling someone up just to chill. You want someone who genuinely wants you and misses you.
  • doing those sick-mushy couple stuff with.
  • dates. and getting all dressed up and excited to be spending time with them.
  • talking about your future and what you want to accomplish with that person.
  • hearing love songs and instantly thinking about that one person.
  • knowing that someone wants YOU. and ONLY YOU. NOBODY ELSE. JUST YOU.
  • always someone to talk too, and giving/receiving advice to better that person.
  • someone to encourage you when you’re down and depressed.
  • getting excited about the future with that person.
That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell for me, though I've never been in an actual relationship before so I can't really say much else.