Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh yeah, I'm going to be in Miss FSU.

I'm going to be in a competition with 7 other girls to represent the school. It's not supposed to be a popularity contest or a beauty pageant (though it'll probably end up that way).
I'm going to wear a pretty dress and try to sing in front of a crowd of people, then I'll be escorted onto the stage by my friend as I showcase another pretty dress (my formal wear gown *coughmypromdresscough*), and I'll answer some questions for the judges, and hopefully after all of that I'll be named the new Miss FSU.

I'm sort of excited for it.
I know I'll be pretty damn close to shitting my pants once I'm called onto the stage to sing, but right now I'm feeling good about it all.

This is my chance to show the people of this school what I can really do. This is my chance to show myself what I can do. I've modeled before, but having to speak infront of a crowd is a whole other story.

I'm amped.
Let's go.
 [Wish me luck, guys!]

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