Saturday, March 16, 2013

Drinking with the broski...

I know I'm over thinking things but let me update you real quick.
Tonight my brother and I went to visit our cousins who live down the street. Calzone, uno, jenga, moscato... It was fun. We tried to play 13 (a Vietnamese card game) but none of us knew the rules for sure and my brother didn't believe us when my cousin and I said he couldn't do a certain move. So while he googled the rules, I decided to ask one of my Viet friends - Jay haha. He didn't know how to play, but we had a text convo about spring break and kings (the drinking card game) and how he should have a few drinks for me on Friday at his birthday party. He replied with this:

"I will x] next semester let's have fun!!! I'm not your RA, but your friend okay!?!?! Will mean a lot to me"

Again, I know I'm overthinking this but.. doesn't that sound like he means something more? Like he wanted to hang out and do stuff this year but couldn't because of his position? Idk. I guess we really are just friends. Or at least that's what I've reduced our relationship to (after not really talking to him for those few weeks after my embarrassing drunken vomiting night..).
If anything I made it more clear that we're just friends by saying of course, but that he'll have to help a FRIEND out and give me a ride haha.
Whatever, I'm over him. He's a great guy, but it's better that we're just friends, ya know? Besides, I'm down to party anytime. Especially next year when I'll be 21. And he'll be a graduate with a car. It just sounds like an all around good time lol. I can't wait.

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