Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Been A While.

Yay! I wrote a poem today. It's my first in like... forever! I was leaving school with fiance. And when we got outside I realized that it was raining. Then I don't know. On the ride home I got these... feelings so I wrote a poem! lol
Here it goes. Sorry in advance for its emo-ness! I think poems about heartbreak and disaster are the only ones I know how to write, unfortunately... O_O
Ummm... and yea. I didn't think of a title so for now it's untitled.

The water that falls down
doesn't come from the rain.
It's not from the cloudy skies above.
The drops that darken my clothes come from within.
Deep down this is how you make me feel.
So I let the salty tears
slide down my face.
And then gravity pulls them down to hug my shirt.
And finally their embrace leaves numerous stains
that will never be seen
by you or anyone else.
For as though the stains feel for me,
as though they sympathize,
they vanish almost instantly
clearing evidence of what has been
of what was felt.
The skies feel my pain too.
Today the clouds finally found the courage
to come in close
open their arms
and sweep me into their squeeze.
And in the embrace they started weeping also.
The raindrops you may feel are in fact the tears of the universe.
Together we cry
for all the unsaid words and thoughts
built up over time.
And it grows all the more useless.
There is no confusion.
Just bundles of love with nowhere to go
and the constant drip of water.

Any thoughts or comments?
It's def not as awesome as Twinn's last poem (the one in the notebook--LOVE IT!), but after writing that, I no longer feel so... pent up. So yay for me! C:


  1. are you going to do the poetry slam thing at school? u should. :)

  2. lol. no, idts. i wanna go since i went last year though.