Friday, March 12, 2010

Sand Hearts

The rays shower soft warm kisses on my skin,
but they're nothing compared to your kisses.
When your lips find mine, a fire burns inside.
Simultaneously, a cool calm washes over me
every single time
because I know that you're mine.
This. Us. We.
On this sunny day we ventured to the beach.
I splashed you and you lifted me on your shoulders.
The war begins.
Yet in your arms
I feel like I've already surrendered.
My heart is yours
but your heart is mine.
A truce for the times.
We signed the treaty with
loving hugs OOOOO
and kisses XXXXX.
I drew half a heart in the sand
and you completed it.
Then you ran away
carrying me on your back.
We frolic and play and laugh and love.
I clasp your hand and you whisper "Forever."
But nature knows all.
Overtime, the waves and the wind
will sweep that heart away.
They will wipe away our footsteps
clearing the clues that we were ever here.
It's destined, but not discernible to us.
We and our bright young love.
Nature knows all.
The sand hearts will vanish
so really, how long is forever?


  1. I love this<33 Like it's off the charts, calling it amazing would be an insult! JIFLY<3

  2. lol! thankss! :D
    ive learned from the best ;)