Monday, March 8, 2010

Fuppin iPhone Loveee!!!

I love this iPhone! It's so cool! Right now I'm currently blogging from it because I don't wanna turn on my laptop haha. And just before this I sent an email to my brother. So cooooolllll... I just really hope I don't drop it or lose it. I can't wait to get my sim card in it and get some games.... Lalala :)
Anywho. Today I was so tired! I spent all yesterday doing homework and trying to finish both my essay outline and the rough draft, but the longer I stayed up the less work I got done. I had to find articles and I kept nodding off infront of the computer. Not to mention I coildve gotten in trouble with my dad for being on my laptop past 9... In total I probably got 3 hours of sleep. Great. Luckily I'm usually able to keep myself awake in school so I only nodded off in like 2 classes. Still not good, but I tried. I actually have to go finish up that English stuff. I'm currently starting 4th term off with an F. Isn't that great?! >_<"
But practice was fun today. Serving and all that jazz. I'm really gonna miss all the seniors ;_; Theyre so much fun! It sucks, but we all gotta grow up and move on. I just hope they don't forget about me and come back to visit haha. Oh btw Goofy wasn't at practice today. I wonder what happened to him... I really hate how we don't talk, but time will tell if that truly is our fate, not to be friends at all. Maybe it's for the best. I should move on but everytime I see him I get those same feelings. I have no idea where they came from in the first place because he's not my type but oh well. It happens lol.
Ummmm. What else? I had to walk home from Mattapan Station today -_- I was crossing the street when I saw that the bus was already at the bus stop. But oh well. The weather was really nice today and a 15 minute walk can be nothing but good for me. Then I came home and stuffed my face with leftover brownies lmao!!!
While walking I saw a lot of glass and trash on the ground :( It made me think about the world and people and all that stuff again. It's nice to get a chance to think every once in a while but when I do that I usually start thinking about how crappy the world is... and that's when I start to think positively so I guess it's good but I dont wanna think about the world that way in the first place. It's inevitable though. So instead I started thinking that I'm going to try poetry again (I tried it before but i made them rhyme and I got stuck and never finished them). I can write out my thoughts. And yes, they may sound a bit emo but it'll sort out my thoughts. So in the future posts be prepared to read some crappy poetry. Whoo! Lol :D

Yea. I think that's it for today. I'm going to try to blog more often so that I won't get that writers block that I had a few days ago. Oh but another thing. Fiancée and I didn't talk like at a today :( I'm gonna try and fix it this week. I don't wanna lose a great friendship again... not again.

Love is all we need... <3


  1. He didn't go to school today and he's not quitting volleyball :)

    Love with no passion,
    Is like girls with no fashion,
    It's Ugly and dull,
    It would be complete bull,
    You've got a passion for someone you love,
    That's all that matters,
    This poem sucks I'm going to stop now... LOL<3

  2. hahaha. i love it! :D <3
    even ur crappy poems are great! lol