Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Visiting

So yesterday after school I went to visit my grandparents with my cousin Stephanie because earlier in the week my mom was talking to me in the car about how my grandpa (Papa Joe) apparently cries all the time now because "his grandkids don't visit him." So when I got to school yesterday (I got a ride from Dora's mom with Sushi) I waited until Stephanie got there and told her that she was going with me after school, no questions about it lol. Then I went to buy my friend a giant Reeses peanut butter cup. And I gave it to him along with some cookies I made for his birthday.
Blah. Blah. Blah.
School was okay.
I had to go to a meeting about the volleyball clothes we're gonna get. Then I passed through the gym to wish all the guys good luck at tryouts. Fast forward to when we got to my grandparents' home. I was sort of hoping that she would have food because I hadn't eaten breakfast and I only ate a pretzel for lunch. But she said that she had been sick so she couldn't make and anything. So we munched on some crackers and drunk ginger ale. Yummm. After like 10 minutes, it got boring so Stephanie and I played the box game. Then Grandpa came home! He's so cute! His shiny eyes rimmed with those thicks glasses... awww! Grandma told me that he was so happy :')
Then it got quiet again as my grandparents watched TV. And later on Stephanie's dad stopped by randomly and she left. Soon after I knocked out lol. It was hot and I was tired and bored. I woke up to my uncle, my other cousin, and my mom walking through the door. And I jetted outta there. It was soooo boring! lol But still, it's nice to know that I made my grandpa happy. I think I'll stop by more often, like once every two weeks? :) <3
I got home and got Tap Tap Revenge 3!!!! Whooooo! I played that for like 2 hours haha. Then I started writing a new poem. And I saw my Twinn's status... and her new blog. I hope everything is okay :\
I really wanted to go to BCNC today, but I have no money to go there :(
I wanted to see my Twinn! Maybe some other time... I have homework to do anyway. And I'll start that soon... right after one more game of Tap Tap! lol.
Latersss <3

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