Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Can't Breath!

So today I woke up at noon lol. But that's only because last night I went to bed at like 3. I was watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. It was okay, but afterwards I realized that it was pretty much like every other teen romance movie (except with grownups). So cliche! Yeah so I woke up and had a bagel and went online. I was asking fiancée if she was still sore because I wanted to pass with her at the Y. Unfortunately, that ended in her getting mad at me. Oh well. She's so freaking emotional! Sometimes it's a wonder how we get along. Ninja figured it out today though and it sort of makes sense...
Anywho. I went to BCNC and saw Twinn at practice n_n
And Tingtong was there which I wasn't expecting. Yeaaaaaa so Ninja and I passed a bit and like none of my serves went over, but that's okay. At four people were goin their separate ways. I was in the mood for a smoothie AND I was just a tad bit upset (for a reason that I can't even explain right now) so I walked all he way to Borders for a CremeKula. Let this be a reminder not to get orange mango flavor ever again. Bleck. I got back to BCNC at like 4:40 and no one was in the gym. So I left even though I saw Tingtong on my way out (I was a tad bit annoyed...again). I got home, watched some tv, then went over to my cousin's house for a gang game night. We never really played games, but we had lots of laughs thanks to Rachel. Then I came home and watched Precious online. It is a really sad movie, but I didn't cry like I thought I would. The plot is just really shocking, that's all.
Oh! Haha. I was just about to end the blog, but I forgot to reference it to the title. So on my way to Borders and back I realized that there were A LOT of smokers in Boston. Jeez. Every other step I took I was breathing in smoke, smh. I'll never pollute the air or others' lungs like that. I treat my body like a pyramid (sounds cheesy, but it's true). I refuse to ruin it with alcohol or Mary Jane or any other drug. It's stupid and useless!
Other things... I was thinking a lot about fiancé today. This always happens. There has only been one guy in my life to tell me he seriously liked me (I've written about it before). I haven't had any boyfriends in my time, not even close so when I realize that a guy likes me or that they are flirting with me, I tend to doubt. Myself, them, everything. I try to figure out their hidden motives because surely they couldn't like me like that. So pretty much I've been overthinking everything and doubting myself (which isn't helping my self-esteem) and trying to figure out if it really was flirting or even if it was real! Lol. Ugh. Guys. They eff with my brain!!! But in the end of the day I still can't help butwant to talk to fiancé or just be with him. Weird how once I think a guy likes me, I'm attracted to him. It's even worse this time because I already used to have a crush on him. Damn I got it bad lol.
So I'm not really tired (eventhough it's like 4 in the morning--how am I gonna get all my homework sone tomorrow?) and I got guys on the brain. I think I'm gonna write a poem. Because, like I said, the only poems I know how to write about are love and heartbreak...
Anywho, nighty night losers :) <3

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