Friday, March 26, 2010

What Just Happened?

So today was very interesting. I'm not gonna say much about school except that we had a meeting about choosing our electives for next year. Being a BZ I only get 2 choices. I know I want to take Biology 2 (definitely not AP Biology, I've heard bad things). It'll prepare me for my dream job, a researcher in medicine. But then Mr. Maguire also convinced me that taking another year of Latin would also be great for my transcipt. And then I want to take another year of French. But then again I'm still debating on whether or not I should take Art. I mean, I love art, but freshman year when I took it Mr. Moy was a creep and a pain and he made me hate art. I don't know if I want to deal with that all over again, especially in such a stressful year such as senior year. Do I really wanna take an extra class just so I can stress myself out more? Oh yeah. I just remembered. At the end of the year, Mr. Moy made us fill out these year evaluation forms. And on mine I wrote that he made me hate art. I tried to leave right after giving it to him, but he held me up, read it, and asked me if it was true... AWKWARD!!!! Oh well, I'll make a decision sooner or later...
So. Afterschool I went to the volleyball game (both teams won! whoooo!) :D And I passed for a bit when I first got there. That was fun. Then I went to Crown Fried Chicken with fiancée. And we got back just as the varsity game was first starting. I sat down on the top bleacher and fiancé sat next to me. And though I was starving when I first got to the gym, I wasn't that hungry anymore so I didn't mind sharing any of my food. First he said randomly that it would be weird (I forget the word he used, I thought it was awkward but it wasn't) if he were to marry me, like for real. Lol and I thought it was just so odd that that thought came to his mind right after he sat down next to me. Odd but cute :)
Then he started feeding me fries. And our legs were touching and he was nudging me with his knee. And a couple times he put his hand on my leg. And he came to stand by me and he sorta lay his head on my chest for a moment. It was all very... interesting. He's NEVER acted like this before with me. It's strange, but again, cute (if that's the right word I'm thinking of). When i got home I had the hugest urge to facemail him and ask him wat was up. What made him act so differently, but them again I'm not sure if I want to or should bring it up. Hmmmmm.... Decisions decisions.
I mean I had a crush on him, I admitted it. And I do still have feelings for him, yes. But I know that we weren't meant to be. What's the use in participating in all this flirting if nothing happens as a result? I don't want to fall for him all over again just to get crushed when I find out that all of this was for nothing or that he never really felt the same way about me. I just don't want to go through that pain again. I don't know what's going to happen... I just hope I don't lose our great relationship :) *blush*
Blog you later. JIFLY<3

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  1. :O you had a crush on your fiance!? :O When was this!? D: