Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 09

Something/someone you’re proud of.

Can I just cheat and say that I'm proud of myself? I mean, sure there are other people that I'm proud of like Twinn, Honey Bee, Chupson, etc. but I'm just sorta kinda concerned with myself right about now haha. I spent most of the last month preparing for the fashion show and guess what? It turned out great. I sold like 20 tickets (with help from my mom haha) and my family really liked it. It took a lot of work. Then pretty much the day afterward I got all my stuff packed up and ready for school. I've spent the last few days working my butt off at volleyball practice. I still get frustrated like there's no tomorrow and I still feel like everyone on that court is better than me but I have people supporting me through this. I have family and friends who have got my back. I have people who believe in me. I can do this. I will get better. I will be on the same level as those other players or maybe even better some day. I am proud of everything that I've done so far. I am proud of me.

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