Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 10

A story about a past relationship.

I was going to write about a crush I've had before but I looked through some of my old posts and saw that I've pretty much wrote about them all (the major ones at least haha). Actually, the first three posts I ever made were about my first crushes. (Look for Ahh, the Hopeless Romantic: Parts I-III.) The only crush I don't think I really went into was the one I had on Frank-o-bean. Last week I would've said the same thing that I thought for the past like 3 years, that if things were a bit different, if he were a bit taller, Frank would be a wonderful boyfriend, that I'd definitely go out with him. But the last time I met with him (Friday) things were different. He was different. He was still sweet and caring and made me laugh and could hold a conversation with me with no problem but there was something.. off. First off we went to the Cheesecake Factory and the environment seemed too.. romantic. And secondly he was telling me about all the things that he did like going on a bunch of different diets and all this stuff. He even confessed to me that he's been going out and getting drunk like every weekend. There's something wrong. He's stressed, maybe even depressed. I just wish I could help somehow! :[
But yea, he's a great guy. My Frank-o-bean :) Our relationship's not over though, things have just changed..

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