Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Had a triple feature at the movies today: Spiderman, Ted, and Magic Mike

Three movies for the price of one... if you catch my drift ;)

Sometimes I have the strongest urge to just run away. I want to run far away, forget my family and friends. Just catch a train to the farthest city - somewhere no one will find me. I'd work in a small restaurant or a jewlery store or somthing and find a friend to share all my secrets with and find a guy I like and just be happy and live carefree. I have this particular dream partially because my family makes me feel like that's the best I can accomplish in life and partially because I feel like if I were on my own, without them, I'd probably be satisfied with that simple life. But I hold dear this thought of running and being free. It's the best I can imagine on these sucky nights when I feel like the world is against me.

I'm just... stuck here.

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  1. I feel you :| I want to do the same too. Maybe one day...