Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yesterday I got called in for an interview later today. YES!

I rode my bike to the beach again yesterday. Except this time I was alone. It was fairly enjoyable. I just felt stupid going on the swings by myself at Malibu beach... Anyway I brought a lot of stuff to occupy myself with at Carsen but soon after I got settled on my blanket in the sand I felt raindrops. I knew it was going to rain, but I thought it'd start later in the afternoon. That's why I left my house so early! I only got to spent like 15 minutes at the beach. I decided it was better to just leave then rather than try to wait it out and possibly get caught in a horrible rain storm so I packed up my stuff and got ready to leave. Then I saw my English teacher from senior year... weird. We made small talk and rode our separate ways. Somewhere along the ride back home though I lost the bag I put my sweaty clothes and bikini bottoms in. I turned around and the other bag I had was falling off the back of my bike. I didn't see it down the street (Columbia Road - it's a very long road...) and I'd already ridden such a long way so I just adjusted the other bag and kept riding. I didn't think anyone would want a bag of sweaty clothes anyway.

I made two containers full of yummy fruit salad too :)
Then I came back home and got frustrated way too quick when my dad started asking questions about how to use Facebook. Sigh, I'm pretty sure it's too late for him to learn all this stuff. It's hopeless. He'll just forget what I told him the next day and ask all over again -_-

The Technology Barrier...that's what separates my dad from understanding how to use the computer like me and other people in my generation.

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