Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Maybe I'm depressed that I got a job."

I went to an interview at Staples today. I got called in randomly a few days ago. And... I got the job! The manager who interviewed me was super nice. He'd been working not only as a manager in retail, but also with the Staples company for a while so he had connections. He said that if I was good enough he could call up the manager over at the Framingham store and get me a part time job there during the school year. How awesome is that?
I mean, I had pretty much given up. I don't remember how many resumes I handed out, not to mention how many applications I filled out online.. And to be honest I'd gotten in the mind frame that I'd get to chillax for the rest of the summer, but by the graciousness of a good, determined friend and by pure chance I got the job. Woo!

But after the interview I'd wanted to attempt to give the gift. I wrapped it up all nice and found a bag for it, except when I got there there was no answer. I felt stupid and rejected. There was nowhere I could leave it so I had to take it back home with me. When I got home I was sweaty and depressed. I got a blanket and just sat out in the yard staring up at the sky.

Look at my fugly face, the view from where I lay, and my new uniform!
My mom commented on the fact that I looked depressed and said that I should be happy, to which I replied, "Maybe I'm depressed that I got a job". We both had a laugh about that.

I feel better now but I just wish I had given that gift. "F you" is not a proper parting at all. It leaves me.. unsettled.

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