Saturday, July 21, 2012

Silly Goose

Me wearing sunglasses indoors at night.
Now that I've caught your attention with my bright plaid nightshirt, I shall update you on other stuff in my life.
I've been vegetarian for the better part of 6 weeks now. Yay me! Since I can't think of any cons, I'm just going to list off the top of my head a bunch of pros to my new diet: great for the environment, no animals are harmed (except for those very few days I give in to a piece of meat, in which case they were already dead anyway - but I won't get into that...), my stomach's adapted so that I feel full from eating less food, I lost some weight (which some people think is not a good thing, but for the general American population it is), and I learn how to make great tasting meals, of course!

I had a vegan burger made of soy products with some chips and a fruit salad for lunch the other day.

And last night I made vegetarian burritos (rice, beans, roasted peppers, onions, and squash, lettuce, salsa, corn, and cheese) last night for dinner so I used some leftovers to make a breakfast burrito with eggs. Mmm...
I went driving again on Thursday. So much fun! :D And I'm currently working on hanging up the rest of my cranes and finishing these three friendship bracelets I started (pictures will be posted later). Once I'm done with that my plan is to complete that puzzle I started a few years ago but never finished, then make myself some new t-shirts using some tips from the book 99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Trim, and Tie Your T-Shirt into Something Special. Plans, plans, plans. I've got to keep myself busy since I'm not doing anything else this summer..

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